Port Alfred

Dive sites:

These dive sites are all dived by Kerynís Dive School. All of the following dive sites lie on Fountain Rocks, a horse shoe shaped barrier of sandstone outcroppings just 1.6 km offshore, east of the Kowie river mouth.


Sharks Gully

This dive site has a resident Ragged tooth shark population who frequent this area. This is a dive with caves, overhangs and lots of coral walls. Lots of gullies also connect these caves and walls.

Max depth: 10m


Fish Tanks

Juvenile Raggies may be spotted here together with some pinnacles rising from the ocean floor. A cliff wall covered in soft coral leads you to Dog Leg cave, where there is an abundance of fish life in the surrounding semi circular gully. Also on this site is a pinnacle which starts at 12m and rises up to 2m below the surface.

Max depth: 14m


The Chain

This site gets it name from an old ships anchor chain which lies draped across the pinnacles. It is situated just a few hundred metres from Fish tanks and has some awesome overhangs.

Max depth: 18m


Red bait reef

This is a portion of the reef between Fish tanks and Chain and has been moulded by the huge colony of Red bait growing here. It is an interesting dive with arches and a graggy terrain.

Max depth: 15m


Soft Coral reef

This is the most colorful site in the immediate area and is covered with an abundance of soft corals. There are a few pinnacles rising from 24m to 14m below the surface. An old anchor guards the entrance to Anchor cave. Ancor cave is a swimthrough surrounded by colorful walls of soft coral.

Max depth: 24m


Riet Point

This is one of South Africaís most colorful reefs and offer a dive filled with abundant and diverse sea life. It offers a remarkable and pristine look at soft coralsand fishes.

Max depth: 21m


This is deep dive and it lies west of the Fountains reef. Basket stars and Noble coral are found in abundance here. This is a dive for advanced divers only.

Max depth: 30m



The Briseis

The Briseis is a wreck lying at 12m and sank in 1859 while returning from India. The wreckage is scattered over about 150m and tons of chain, her four anchors and lots of other odds and ends are still to be seen. She was reputed to carry gold and silver but to date none has been found.

Max depth: 12m

Fish life on the reefs:

Some of the fishes found on the reefs are the following: Yellowbelly rockod, Spotted grunter, Zebra, Roman, Musslecracker, Cape knifejaw, Cob, Geelbek, Twotone fingerfin, Blackspotted electric ray, Catsharks and in season some Ragged tooth sharks.

A lot of sponges like Cup sponges, hydroids and Giant fanworms can also be seen. If your are lucky you may spot some Southern Right whales and Humpback whales.

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Updated: 02/08/2001