Protea Banks

Situated 7,5 km off Margate, Protea banks is a world renowned shark dive and a must for all who would like to view these magnificent creatures in their natural habitat

Protea really consists out of the Northern and the Southern pinnacles. Although the area is large, due to the current which is generally quite strong, we cover between two and four kilometers of reef on a 35 minute dive.

This dive is recommended for advanced divers due to the depth and conditions.

The Northern Pinnacles

The northern pinnacles is a really beautiful area from a topography point of view. It features several open caves, a big ledge with overhangs and shallow caves and lovely, pristine, undamaged reef formations. The Northerns  are generally dived during the winter months when the Raggies congregate and mate there. In 2000  in excess of 150 Raggies where present  in an area of 100m X 100m.

The Southern Pinnacles

For the rest of the year, diving takes place on the southern pinnacles, which are not as beautiful to look at, but feature the most fantastic shark sightings imaginable.  Diving starts here in October when the first Zambezies come back and schools of Hammerheads are often encountered from November onwards.
The first five months of the year Zambezies, Hammerheads, Sandsharks, Coppersharks and many other species are encountered. Easter time is the best time for Zambezies, Hammers, Black Tips, Tiger sharks and even the odd Great White.

In June / July countless whales and dolphins visit the area, during the Sardine Run. The ocean is abuzz of marine life, the weather always perfect and the sea is as smooth as a lake. Unfortunately too few people know how fantastic this time really is. The Sardine Run is a world phenomenon, unique to South Africa. People who have had the priviledge to experience the sea during this time will never forget the vibe and the adrenaline rush when huge whales breach meters away from the boat.....and  dolphins ride the bow-wave in sheer living pleasure.

For safety reasons, diving should not be atempted into sardine pockets as the feeding frenzy along with it might cause serious harm to divers. The banks can however still be dived, to enjoy an array of sharks as
well as gamefish and generally in excellent visibility.

Special Thanks to African Dive adventures for supplying the information. Click here to find out more about African Dive Adventures on Protea Banks.


Other Companies that offer diving on Protea Banks:

Ocean Extreme Dive Charters

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