Wondergat is a sinkhole near Lichtenburg and Mafikeng and is ideally suited for teaching technical diving or recreational diving. It is currently managed by CMAS South Africa.


How to get to Wondergat

Detailed map of the dive spots at Wondergat

Information on Wondergat

Temperature range: 14 - 21 degrees.

Depth: 40m, with ave. 6m visibility above 20m and below 20m visibility is about 15m. It also has a few shallow and short caves to explore but be careful.

Altitude: +- 1460m above sea level.

Access: Public. An entry fee is payable.

On site gas mixing station: Yes. Nitrox continuous blending. Trimix on request & prior arrangement.

 Nearest Medical facility: The nearest hospital is in Mafikeng (30km) away, while Lightenburg Provincial Hospital is nearly 60km away.

Accommodation:Ablution facilities (hot & cold water) and electricity is available to camp sites. Some tented accommodation can be provided for on request. Camping takes place in a small area fenced off from the stock farm fields.

 Canteen: Canteen facilities are available as well as take-away meals (to be arranged in advance)

Communications Network: Both the Cellular/Mobile service providers in South Africa's network reaches the dive site.

 Contact information:

Management: Technical Diving Academy

Website: http://members.freemail.absa.co.za/michael.holtzhausen/tdaweb/home.htm

Numbers: Louis 082 968 2788 or Rassie/Martha 082 498 1232

Wondergat will occasionally be closed to visitors due to cleaning up operations so phone them before planning the trip. It may save you a lot of hassle and dissapointment.

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