Bass Lake

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 Sodwana Bay  Bass Lake  Aliwal

Bass Lake is an inland dive site located just a few minutes outside of Johannesburg. It is an old quarry site which has been filled with water. It provides an ideal site for diver training as there are no waves to deal with and has easy entry and exit points. A lot of rescue and advanced diver training is done here due to the stable and predictable environment.


Bass lake from the entry point. The markers on the surface of the water indicate underwater features e.g. the bus.

Bass Lake is home to a few bass hence the name. On the bottom there is a few “wrecks” to dive including a bus, mine truck, hanglider and according to various sources a helicopter. On a very good day the visibility is about 6-8m but after the first dive this deteriorates to about 3m due to silt being kicked up by the divers. This is actually an added advantage as divers learn to dive in limited visibility and this may be used to train for night dives.


The thatched huts in the background are available for hire.


Giant stride entries can also be practiced.

There is thatched huts on the shore and divers can rent this per day as it contains electrical outlets and this can provide comfortable places to kit up. For more information about water temperature and daily entrance fees go to there is also a fully equipped dive shop and they have an air bank plus compressor for air fills. For those who forgot to take some food along there is a take away shop where some needed refreshment and food can be bought.

Don’t know how to get there? View this map on Bass Lake’s web site. 

Here is a map to help you find your bearings on arrival. A more accurate map can be viewed on location.

Here is some of the wrecks that can be dived:

  • Combi
  • Bus
  • Helicopter
  • Plane
  • Fiat

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Updated on: 02/02/2001

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