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There are quite a few sites to dive on Aliwal Shoal but usually there is a current and thus only the following main sites are dived:



Description: These two pinnacles rises from the reef from 12m up to 5m below the surface. It is situated on the northern side of Aliwal and is usually dived when the current is weak or there is little surge.

Fish Life: The fish life Aliwal is the roughly the same every where but aggregations of Kingfish and other predatory fish occurs here.

Coral Life: There is little real coral on Aliwal as it is a rocky reef but it has lots of soft corals and algae growing on it. Thistle coral and Feather coral occurs here.

 Raggy Cave:

Description: This is where Raggies (sand tiger sharks) can be seen during the winter months. It is situated near the eastern side of Aliwal at about 16m. It is a cave and sometimes the Raggies can be found breeding in it.

Fish Life: Ragged tooth sharks, Kingfish, Potato bass, Moorish idols, different wrasses, Turtles.

Coral Life: A few Thistle corals but mostly Leather coral and huge Porous corals.


Description: This is the site of the famous Africam Underwater webcam. It is situated on the east side of the reef and is a huge cave and sand patch on which the Raggies breed. It is 28m deep and thus should only be done by advanced divers. Refer to our Shark Diving Etiquette link for a safe and ecofriendly way to dive with sharks.

Fish Life: Same as Raggy cave.

Coral Life: Same as Raggy cave.

Ragged Tooth Shark

A magnificent Raggy.

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Updated on: 01/05/2001