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This page is for those people who want some extra information on the classification of sharks and batoids.

Superorder Selachii (sharks)

 Order Hexanchiformes

 Family Hexanchidae (cowsharks, six-gill and seven-gill sharks)

 Family Chlamydoselachidae (frilled sharks)

 Order Squaliformes

 Family Squalidae (dogfishes)

 Family Echinorhinidae (bramble sharks)

 Family Oxynotidae (rough sharks)

 Order Pristiophoriformes

 Family Pristiophoridae (sawsharks)

 Order Squatiniformes

 Family Squatinidae (angelsharks)

 Order Heterodontiformes

 Family Heterodontidae (horn sharks)

 Order Orectolobiformes

 Family Orectolobidae (wobbegong sharks)

 Family Ginglymostomatidae (nurse sharks)

 Family Rhincodontidae (whale shark) *

 Family Parascylliidae (collared carpet sharks)

 Family Brachaeluridae (blind sharks)

 Family Hemiscylliidae (bamboo sharks)

 Family Stegostomatidae (zebra sharks)

 Order Lamniformes

 Family Odontaspididae (sand tiger sharks)

 Family Mitsukurinidae (goblin shark)

 Family Lamnidae (mackerel sharks)

 Family Cetorhinidae (basking shark)

 Family Alopiidae (thresher sharks)

 Family Pseudocarchariidae (crocodile sharks)

 Family Megachasmidae (megamouth shark)

 Order Carcharhiniformes

 Family Scyliorhinidae (catsharks)

 Family Proscylliidae (ribbontail catsharks)

 Family Psoudotriakidae (false catsharks)

 Family Leptocharildae (barbeled houndsharks)

 Family Triakidae (smoothhound sharks)

 Family Hemigaleidae (weasel sharks)

 Family Carcharhinidae (requiem sharks)

 Family Sphyrnidae (hammerhead sharks)

Superoraer Batoiaea (rays)

 Order Rajiformes

 Family Rajidae (skates)

 Family Rhinobatidae (guitarfish)

 Order Torpediniformes

 Family Torpedinidae (electric rays)

 Order Pristiformes

 Family Pristidae (sawfish)

 Order Myliobatiformes

 Family Dasyatidae (stingrays)

 Family Myliobatidae (eagle rays)

 Family Mobulidae (devil rays)

 Family Rhinopteridae (cownosed rays)

 Family Urolophidae (round stingrays)

 Family Gymnuridae (butterfly rays)

 Family Potamotrygonidae (river rays)

*Some sources use the scientific name Rhiniodontidae for the whale shark family, and the genus name Rhiniodon for the whale shark. We chose the names used by the American Fisheries Society, who based their usage on the opinion of the 1984 International Commission on Zoological Nomenclature.


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