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A lot of everyday chemicals such as paint thinners and bug spray are flushed into the waterways of the world. This is deadly to especially sharks because they accumulate all the toxins in the fish and seals they eat. This leads to toxic levels of certain chemicals in sharks and this may kill them.

Some toxins like PCBs, which were commonly used as fire retardants, accumulate in sea animals like the Beluga whale. This, according to scientists may be linked to the declining populations of many marine animals.

Whena shark accumulates chemicals to a toxic level it may even begin to effect the pups which will be born. Certain chemicals have been showed to damage fetal development and may even kill unborn sharks. This may seriously hinder the reproductive cycle and may take years to recover.

Pollution Solutions:

Many household cleaners have safer substitutes that clean just as well without hazardous chemicals. For instance, rather than using scouring powder to clean a sink stain, a damp cloth dipped in baking soda works as well. Three tablespoons of baking soda with one quart of warm water produces a fine oven cleaner. In yards chemical fertilizer can be sustituted by kitchen and yard waste such as grass clippings.


Brown shark

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