5 Mile Reef and Canyon

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Five Mile Reef

  • Location: 27o28,20 S; 32o42,10E.  8km North of Jesser Point 1km Offshore
  • Average Depth  18-22m  Maximum Depth  24m
  • About Five Mile:

This reef is well known for the huge variety of coral life present. So far, the reef has been well preserved, by only allowing experienced divers with excellent buoyancy control, to visit this spot of splendour. Beds of green staghorn coral with an abundance of small reef fishes, like sea goldies, warms up a feeling of well preserved splendour in ones heart. this truly a remarkable reef for the divers interested in coral life. The fish life is mostly small reef fishes and huge Crayfish. The Crayfish hide in cracks under rocks with there enormous tentacles protruding from underneath the rocks. The reef is fairly flat with beds small rock formation overgrown with corals. 

When diving here one should take great care not to damage the fragile coral life so that it can be preserved for future generations.

  • Coral Life on Five Mile:

Staghorn corals, Plate corals, Table corals, Mushroom corals and lots more. The reef is also home to a bright red anemone, that is an unusual colour for a depth of 19m, because red is the first colour to disappear when descending.

  • Fish Life on Five Mile:

Trigger fish, Moray eels, Paper fish, juvenile

Scorpion fish, huge Crayfish and the occasional Manta ray. A variety of other small reef fishes occur all around this reef as well. There is also a well known crater or pothole, on the seaward side of the reef,  which is home to variety of fish species like the juvenile scorpion fish and paperfish.


Huge Crayfish


Scorpion fish


A variety of corals

Five Mile Canyon (Wright canyon)

  • Dive Plan for a Big Blue:

Go down to 30m and hang for 10 minutes drifting along with the current. After 10 minutes go up to 20m and stay there for another 10 minutes. When your second 10 minutes is up your dive time should be 20 minutes. Start making a slow ascent to the surface. The ascent rate must be so that it gets you to 5m in a time of 15 minutes. This will give you a dive of 35 minutes. With a safety stop of another 5 minutes you will have a dive time of 40 minutes. Ensure that all divers know prior to the dive that they have to check there gauges while during descent and constantly during the dive as they might not be able to see the sea floor. 

  • About Five Mile Canyon:

The canyon starts at five mile reef and goes out to sea going deeper the further it goes. The canyon goes to around 600m deep. The shallower part at around 40m makes an ideal spot for a dive they call a big blue. When there is a north south current with good visibility and there is game fish around this is quite an interesting dive. 

  • Fish life you might get to see during a Big Blue:

Sailfish, Barracuda, Dolphins, Manta rays, Red fang trigger fish, Devil rays, Sharks, Romora fish and other game fish. If the conditions is bad and the game fish isnt active in the area a diver may do a big blue and see no fish at all. Be sure to talk it over with your operator, before attempting this dive, to ensure that the conditions will allow a good dive.  

Beware of Corals because they break very easily and they take extremely long to grow back. Please preserve our Oceans for future generations to share in its splendour.

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Updated on: 03/02/2001