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Here is a couple of interesting diving accessories we came across in our search for reliable equipment.


Scubapro - Mesh cutter

Ideal for cutting netting. Made from top Quality stainless steel. The cutter is designed so that the diver pulls the device giving the diver the most leverage and cutting power for the least amount of work. Further the device is positioned so that the knife prevents cutting accidents.


Mares - Air gun

Connects onto the BCs inflator hose and can be used to blow out sand in unwanted places. Can also be used to blow up that air mattress.


Poseidon - Yoke

This Yoke easily makes your Poseidon regulator compatible with most modern valve connections.

Poseidon - Weight pocket

Want to dump the weight belt? Make your BC weight integrated with this weight pocket


Oceanic - Pony bottle gauge

This little gauge is ideal for back up air supplies, stage tanks or decompression tanks. This gauge threads into any standard first stage HP port and is manufactured to be Nitrox Compatible

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Any suggestions?

Updated on: 02/02/2001