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    When Buying a Fin:

When choosing any diving equipment, comfort plays a big part. Comfort is very important when choosing fins. The fin should fit in such a way that it doesnít cause cramps or  chaffing or cramps. When choosing the right fin the intended use must firstly be determined. Divers usually want a fin giving them maximum thrust  with minimum effort. The bigger the blade expands with every kick the more thrust is achieved.

The two main types is: closed heel fins and open heel fins.

Closed heel fins usually has a smaller blade because the area of the foot pocket is smaller. This doesnít mean that closed heel fins gives you less thrust. Closed heel fins allows you more comfort when snorkelling or when diving with either a shorty or no wetsuit at all.

Open heel fins has foot pockets with adjustable straps to keep your foot in them. There is a need to wear a bootie or sock with this fin to protect your foot and allow comfort. The bootie also helps to protect your foot when not in the fin by insulating the foot from outside harm such as rocks and even the foot straps on some boats. When buying a open heel fin it is important to fit the fin along with the bootie intended to be used with this fin.

The choice of open heel or closed heel is up to the divers intended use and should be determined before buying them.

Open Heel Fin

    Scubapro - Twin Jet:

This revolutionary fin with its split blade forces the water to go through the middle of the fin and thus creating more forward thrust. The Twin jetís hydrofoil shape creates less drag and decreases diver fatigue. The fin unfortunately comes out only in black and the twin jet graphite in grey (only on special order in the UK). This fin was rated one of the best fins ever made by Rodaleís scuba diving magazine.

Closed Heel Fin

    Mares - Avanti Quattro Power:

The patented four channel effect increases efficiency and decreases kicking effort. It has an anatomically designed foot pocket with rubberised rib edges to increase cracking and abrasion resistance.


Scubapro - Twin Jet

The blade is 47 cm long and has a blade thrust area of 960 cm2.

Mares - Avanti Quattro Power:


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Updated on: 02/02/2001