Equipment: Bouyance Compensators

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Buoyancy Compensating Devices

    Types of BC:

Different types of BCs exist to cater for the different needs of divers. The different types of BCs is as follows: Jacket Type, Horse Collars and Back inflation devices.

  • Jacket type
  • This is probably the most commonly used amongst the BCs. The BC fits like a Jacket allowing for inflation all around the upper body where the jacket is present. This is a good BC for casual divers.

  • Horse Collar
  • This type was used along with a yoke in the earlier days of diving. The use of it has mostly been discontinued because it doesnt allow for space to strap on the cylinder and thus making it lump.

  • Back Inflation
  • This type of BC allows you the ability to control your horizontal level better. This improves stability during underwater photography. The back inflation pack is used in technical diving. 

  • Choosing a BC:
  • Once again comfort plays a very important roll when choosing a BC. The BC should fit tightly not to move around to much but should also allow space for movement. It should have clear distinction on inflation and deflation mechanism, preventing the chances of confusing the diver during the dive. The unit should be easy to adjust and assemble, making sure you wont miss your dive when it needs a slight adjustment while being on the boat. Pockets always come in handy for something hanging around. As for lift capability the BC should be able to hold the diver, with full gear on, comfortably at the surface, without kicking, while only half inflated. BCs sized to fit the female gender more comfortably has also been developed to allow more comfort and less pressure in the right places.

    Mares - Vector 1000


    • Jacket type BC with good air mass distribution for added comfort.
    • Streamlined inflator to provide easy grip on inflation and deflation device.
    • 4 x 50 mm D-rings on chest and 2 x 40 mm D-rings under pockets to clip on extra equipment.
    • Self draining expandable pockets with curved shape to make it more natural using the zipper.
    • Chest strap to keep shoulder straps in place.
    • Thumb ledge type buckles for easy adjusting of BC into the correct shape. 
    • Adjustable cummerbund

    Mares - Vector 1000

    Zeagle - Ranger


    Back inflation BC to provide maximum lift. Twin Cylinders capability.  Integrated weight system.  Stainless steel D-rings for clipping on extra equipment.  Pockets for added storage of loose kit.  Made to be used for technical or recreational diving. To perform a rapid air dump it is best to use the oral inflation valve and not the remote exhaust.

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    Updated on: 02/02/2001