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Because every person has his or her own choice in how their masks should be we can’t recommend the best mask, because most masks are of good quality. We therefore discuss things to look out for when buying a mask.

When purchasing a mask it is of very important that you get one which sits comfortable. If your mask doesn’t sit comfortable it will irritate you and thus ruin your dive. It is also important that the mask seals properly on your face. To determine if it seals properly, press the mask on your face without placing the strap over your head and inhale through your nose, forcing the mask to suck on to your face. Now let go of the mask with your hands, while still inhaling. If the mask doesn’t fall of your face it seals properly and if it falls it doesn’t which means the size is wrong.

Lenses: When looking for a mask ensure that the lens material is either tempered glass or safety glass. Plastic lenses tend to scratch easily which ruins your mask. Two shapes of lenses is available, single lenses or double lenses. They both come in various sizes to fit everyone’s liking. Choosing between the two types is a personal choice and none of them is really better then the other. Angled lenses is also available to improve viewing area.

Ensure that your mask has a silicone edge and not a rubber one because the silicone has a longer life and sits more comfortably. When choosing between clear and coloured silicone one must chose the one you feel most comfortable with. There is said that clear silicone gives you wider vision where coloured silicone allows more conscentration. Spear fishers use coloured silicone most of the time.

When Purchasing your first mask discuss it with your local dive shop owner to ensure that you get the most appropriate mask for yourself. Chose the colour you like best because most masks come in a variety of colours.

Single lens mask with clear silicone


Mares - Tempra

Twin lens mask with coloured silicone


Mares - Ventosa



The most efficient snorkel provides the shortest, smoothest, flow of air to the diver. Different shapes of snorkels is available: J-shaped, Contour style and Flex type. A snorkel with a contoured shape makes the diver more streamlined and eliminates extra drag which allows the diver to swim with more ease. Some snorkels come equipped with a purge valve which allows the diver to drain out water, which have entered the snorkel, faster and with more ease. Almost any snorkel can be used

Scubapro - Flip Snorkel

A Snorkel that stands out among the crowd is Scabapro’s Flip snorkel. This snorkel folds up making it easy to fit into a divers BC pocket thus streamlining the diver while underwater but still keeping the snorkel close by for when you need it. The Flip snorkel is equipped with a purge valve as well as being easy to attach to the mask with a quick clip.

ScubaPro - Flip Snorkel

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Updated on: 02/02/2001