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These aren’t necessary the best but certainly the leaders in the category “wrist watch computers” and that was our reason for choosing them. For more information on excellent dive computers contact your nearest dive shop.

Suunto - Spider


  • PC Interface with dive profiles
  • Logs 36 hours of dive time that can be profiled in 20 second intervals on the computer
  • Works as watch and dive computer
  • Indicates optimum decompression level
  • excellent backlight
  • Push buttons can be used both in and out of water
  • Uses continuous decompression during ascent
  • Very adjustable with both personnel and altitude adjustment settings before dive
    • Weaknesses

  • Conservative on repeated multilevel dives
  • If violated it goes into gauge only mode for 48 hours
  • Does not provide no-decompression limits in shallow water
  • Picture

    Suunto - Spider

    The upgrade, to the Spider, is the Stinger which has a few new features.  The Spider is cheaper and still good enough for the average diver who doesn’t do nitrox diving.

    Suunto - Stinger

      Features of Stinger

    36 Hour Logbook, Nitrox Diving, Metric or Imperial Display, Bookmark, Lifetime History Memory, Personal Adjustment, PC Interface, Ascent Rate Warning, No Fly Time, Automatic Activation, Temperature Display, Audible Alarm, Max. Depth and Dive Time Alarm, Battery Warning, Stop Watch, Shunt new RGBM Calculation Model Safety stop countdown


    Suunto - Stinger

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    Updated on: 02/02/2001